The Spiritual Authority Lab kicks off starting December 2nd! 


A FREE 5-Day Livestream Series where you will:

  • Clarify your Dream Spiritual Authority Lifestyle. So you can strategically build your spiritual business around a lifestyle you are in love with.
  • Map out Your Spiritual Authority Profile. So you hold a strong purpose and business foundation to effectively guide you through the exact direction you intend on going for your authority building.
  • Build Your Authority Building Platform. So you can learn, implement, and monetize right away help you turn your Spiritual Gifts into a recognizable Spiritual Authority. 
  • Learn HOW To Get The Exposure Your Spiritual Gifts Deserve. With actionable marketing strategies that you can integrate into your spiritual business right now to get more exposure. 
  • Channel your Spiritual Authority Mindset. So you can power-through your goals and dreams easily like a rockstar.

Who is Cassidy Diehl?

Cassidy is a Visionary Artist and the Chief Executive Artist of Lightwork Media where we help spiritual entrepreneurs fabricate their spiritual gifts into their design assets by blending energywork with strategic design application, so they can build their spiritual authority in their niche with a business image that reflects their unique energy signature.  

With an extensive VFX background working in dynamic ranges of media production environments along with having highly intuitive gifts, she leverages a unique blend of intuitive and creative talents that’s coupled with an in-depth knowledge of color grading, visual psychology, digital compositing, which has guided her to specializing in Digital Intermediate Workflow for the Spiritual/New Age Industry.