Join intuitive healers Glenda-Ray Riviere & Cassidy Diehl on an rejuvenating meditative journey, where you get the opportunity to explore the depths of your Higher Self's Universal Alignment.

Do you ever...

• Feel like no matter how much you try, you cannot seem to maintan momentum or flow? • Feel like every step forward you take ends up becoming a step backwards? • Overthink all the little unnecessary detail of events that happen to you? • Wish that you could wake up in the morning feeling in alignment to create the life of your dreams? • Dream that someday you would finally know what it feels like to be guided by Universal Flow?  

Let us Introduce you to the Program we curated for your Higher Self's Transformational Alignment:

A Universally Guided incubator program with experienced spiritual mentorship, purpose-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, and a collective community of light-hearted aligned souls.

About the Facilitators:

GLENDA-RAY RIVIERE Glenda-Ray Riviere is an Intuitive Energy Healer, and Author of the book “Transformative Meditation.” Through a near “death” experience, Glenda commanded to be shown another way. Many different healing modalities showed up at her doorstep. Through exploration of these modalities, Glenda found her voice, spoke her truth, unravelled gifts from within, and healed many aspects of her journey to now share Glenda’s wisdom.. unique messages with others to assist in the transformation and empowerment of Mother earth and All her beings.  

CASSIDY DIEHL Cassidy Diehl is a Clairvoyant Channel and Energyworker helping people free themselves from old programs of conditioning. Growing up with an epileptic brain injury & being labelled a person with disability, Cassidy has discovered that by rewiring her brain throughout her childhood recovery has gifted her the ability to tune into other cosmic aspects of the brain that has allowed her to channel certain higher information that no one else could. And therefore, she's been able to present her cosmic message in a way that brings equal understanding to all. 

The Universe Brought us Together for a Single Purpose:

“To teach others what it means to be a living embodiment of Universal Alignment. To mirror what it feels like and looks like in physical manifestation.

KEYWORD: ALIGNMENT noun: The Universe's way of positioning things in a particular place and time, based on where they are supposed to be for the highest purpose of that manifestation.

Inside the Program, you will...

  • Transform what no longer serves you related to your desires, goals, relationships. 
  • Learn how to raise your vibration and maintain it so you can align with your heart's desires, attract and manifest them with ease.  
  • Receive empowering activations to open your heart to allow, receive, speak and act from your intuitive heart.
  • Connect with your higher consciousness to assist you in making empowering choices and taking heart-inspired action. 
  • Learn how to break yourself free from hierarchy, separateness and disconnection.  

Who is This Program For?

Whether you've been meditating for decades or you're totally new to the whole spirituality scene, the Transformational Alignment Intensive is for anyone who is ready to transform what is not working for them so they can continue to move forward with their goals, desires, visions, without feeling like with every step forward they move 3 steps backwards or feel stuck. 

What's Inside The Program:

Weekly Nature Walk Meditations

Every week, Glenda-ray and Cassidy will take the TAI group on a guided meditation journey in nature. 

Monthly Personal Sessions 

Every month, you get the opportunity to have 2 personalized 1-hour private sessions with Glenda-Ray and Cassidy to support your vibrational expansion.

Weekly Online Meetings + Q&A

Every week, Glenda-ray and Cassidy will be hosting live Meeting + Q&A sessions to support and hold space and for you throughout the TAI program.

A Day Journey Meditation

We will take a Day Journey Meditation where the TAI group will take a day trip to Squamish for a mindful get-away.

PLUS it gets even better!

Along with the program, you will get immediate access to our Private Facebook Members Group. This is where you will:

  • Get unconditional support throughout TAI
  • Be empowered by light-hearted souls
  • Stay on track & focused throughout your transformational growth
  • Share your experiences and celebrate your transformation  

With all of that said.. when you walk out of the program, you will: 

• Become a grounded, living embodiment of your Higher Self with ease and grace. • Walk your life path in complete flow and abundance in all areas of your life • Embody the feeling of universal liberation 24 hours a day • Have powerful go-to tools to assist you in your transformation, alignment & empowerment • Feel confident in taking your next steps forward in all aspects of your life • Continue to interact with the tools & information in your own unique way that serves you & growth 

Take Action Now 

Enrollment closes on June 22nd


What is the Pay-in-Full Bonus?

Glenda-Ray's Bonus

A copy of Glenda-Ray's book Transformative Meditation, 12-week access to Transformative Meditation Subscription with replay links, PLUS a 90 minute private session. ($220 VALUE)  

Cassidy's Bonus

A signed copy of Cassidy's book Havens of Healing, the Havens of Healing Reflection Journal book bonus, PLUS a 2 hour private mentoring session. ($220 VALUE) 

Got Any Questions?

Where will the in-person meditations take place? All of the in-person gatherings will be hosting in many different scenic spots across the Lower Mainland of Greater Vancouver BC. All other group activities will be hosting online.

What if TAI isn't for me? The only people that TAI is NOT for is for people who are not willing to put the effort into their personal growth. We need you to be 100% committed to your growth and the growth of other members.

What will happen once I sign up for TAI? Once you make your purchase, you will automatically be redirected to a page where you'll get access to the TAI Members Facebook Group to get you set up for the program.

What days will the TAI Group activities take place? The Nature Walk Meditations will be hosted Sunday afternoons. The Online Meeting + Q&A's will be hosted Saturday mornings. Personal sessions will be scheduled around your schedule. Plus the Day Journey Meditation date will be chosen based on what works around everyone's schedule.

What if I can't make it to one of the group events? The weekly Meeting + Q&A sessions will take place online. We will have replay links that everyone will have access to incase they miss a meeting. However, we do expect you to make the Weekly Nature Walk Meditations your #1 priority. These in-person group activities are core essentials to keeping you progressively on track.

How much time each week will I need to spare for TAI? The best practice you can make for this program is to dedicate 20 minutes of your day thoughout each day of the week to follow up with the group and stay ontop of your alignment daily practice. All the group activities we do weekly combined will be roughly 4 hours.

What if I'm not ready? Well the truth is, you'll never be ready. 

It's perfectly normal if you have doubts or feel utterly terrified. Going after your dreams is scary, and that's why we'll guide you one step at a time together.

and besides..